Often managers do not have an easy way to measure and monitor performance indicators – or an effective method for communicating goals and objectives. As a result, too much focus can be placed on financial indicators and lagging performance measures while not enough emphasis is given to critical operation metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Companies risk wasting resources and efforts when they lack a commonly shared and understood strategy ie lacking goal congruence. In the absence of a shared source of metrics, managers may measure performance in areas not related to the corporate strategy or not aligned in the correct way.

SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management (CPM)


SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is a robust web-based integrated corporate performance management solution that helps organizations to manage the strategy formulation process, translate it into practical action and monitor performance and execution in a simple way.

SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is an integrated performance management software that empowers organizations with a full set of capabilities to translate strategy into operational objectives, driving both behavior and performance, defining and collecting metrics to measure and control business performance and measure progress. Managers can track and analyze performance in real time through a user-friendly dashboard, improving management comprehension which leads to better, faster and more relevant decisions forward to action.

With SoftExpert solution for Corporate Performance Management (also known as Business Performance Management or Enterprise Performance Management), organizations are confidently and more easily provided of consistent access to information with optimized performance. Companies can maximize their investments with a solution that is modular, meeting immediate business demands and challenges, but integrated for a more complete solution, creating greater value. The solution supports management of performance deviations, risks, initiatives, action plans, resources and processes, as well as a wide range of best-in-class performance management models and practices, like Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, etc.

This robust web-based software is integrated with other modules in the SoftExpert Suite such workflows and maintenance. Data for indicators are automatically fed into SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management (CPM), eliminating the task of gathering multiple data or cutting and pasting data. SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management (CPM) leverages a controlled workflow cycle to manage input processes, which includes due dates and task reminders, such as data entry, approvals, revisions, or adjustments. SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management (CPM) streamlines the information flow by automatically integrating and consolidating data from different sources (external databases, Excel spreadsheets, formulas) and provides access to users anytime and anywhere.

SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software offers strategy maps and analysis graphs and diagrams designed to help in understanding the cause-and-effect relationships of key processes and metrics. It also provides a specialist tool to solve performance problems and define the appropriate actions for the team in charge, creating a culture of performance.

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Mediksoft is the distributor in Malaysia for SoftExpert Excellence Suite, which is the most comprehensive integrated enterprise software for Quality Control, Quality Management, Compliance and Performance Excellence. The SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) offers a set of multilingual modules that are natively integrated and fully Web-based to automate the processes required to improve and optimize the different business areas at organizations, connecting internal and external team members through integrated workflows, alerts and monitoring systems, boosting quality of management, reducing turn around times, cutting operating costs and facilitating compliance with the main market standards and regulations.

Truly unprecedented, SoftExpert is a cutting-edge solution that integrates the modeling, implementation, execution, control and monitoring of multiple business application demands.

SoftExpert enables organizations to organize, automate and manage processes for managing documents & records, business processes, strategic and operational performance indicators, projects and demands, portfolio, risks, non-compliances and customer complaints, corrective & preventive actions (CAPA), audits, training, product lifecycle, inspection, calibration, maintenance, SPC, APQP-PPAP, FMEA, MSA, wastes, and many other industry challenges in their Quality Control and Performance Management.

As a Quality Management System (QSM) and Performance Management System, SoftExpert comprises many modules that are selectively bundled into the following application specific areas


BPM - Business Process Management

Design, implement, monitor, revise workflows


CPM - Corporate Performance Management

Design, implement, monitor KPIs across multiple organizational levels


EAM - Enterprise Asset Management

Manage organizational assets and maintain them, handle and resolve issues


ECM - Enterprise Content Management

Manage documents and revisions through integrated drafting, review, approval, publication, cataloging, revision and retirement workflows. Incorporates sophisticated document scanning, capture and character recognition capabilities


EHSM - Enterprise Health and Safety Management

Design and implement safety procedures, adhere to standards, identify risks and mitigations, record incidences and resolve root causes


EQM - Enterprise Quality Management

Design and implement quality procedures, adhere to standards, monitor compliances, record non-compliances, resolve root causes


ERM - Enterprise Risk Management

Identify risks, assign likehood/severity of impact and other parameters, plan mitigations and responses, monitor and analyze occurrences, resolve root causes


GRM - Governance And Risk Management

Plan, design and document corporate governance measures, share, train and monitor implementations, record non-compliances and resolve rootcauses


HDM - Human Development Manager

Design human resources development plans, identify priority skills, plan training programs, implement training, assess trainers and staffs, monitor certifications and licenses


ITSM - IT Services Management

Manage full/partial scope of ITSM standards implementations


PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

Design products, plan productions, identify and mitigate risks, share planning processes within the organization and with external vendors/customers


PPM - Project and Portfolio Management

Manage multiple projects, identify and capture resources, risks, workflows and documents involved in each activity, monitor progress and communicate/handle issues


SoftExpert Quality Management System (QSM) bundles are made up of selections from the following comprehensive set of integrated modules

  1. SE Action Plan
  2. SE Analytics (Business Intelligence module)
  3. SE APQP-PPAP (Advanced Product Quality Planning and Product Part Approval Process)
  4. SE Archive (records / document archival)
  5. SE Assets
  6. SE Audit
  7. SE Calibration
  8. SE Capture (document capture)
  9. SE Competency (HR competency management)
  10. SE FMEA (Failure Modes And Effects Analysis)
  11. SE Food Safety
  12. SE Form (create your own online forms for collaborative processing)
  13. SE Incident (capture non-compliances / incidences)
  14. SE Inspection
  15. SE Maintenance
  16. SE MCAD Connector
  17. SE MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis - analysis variations in the measurement process)
  18. SE PDM (product life cycle management)
  19. SE Performance (enterprise-wide KPI definition, measurement and reporting)
  20. SE Portfolio (manage portfolio of related projects)
  21. SE Problem Manager
  22. SE Process (execute, monitor and manage processes)
  23. SE Project (project management)
  24. SE Protocol (interfacing protocols)
  25. SE Request (accept requests)
  26. SE Requirement (requirements management)
  27. SE Risk (risk identification and analysis, mitigation and incident planning, risk monitoring and reporting)
  28. SE SharePoint Connector
  29. SE SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  30. SE Storeroom
  31. SE Supply
  32. SE Survey
  33. SE Test
  34. SE Time Control
  35. SE Training - manage training
  36. SE Waste - waste management
  37. SE Workflow - administrator configurable workflow with graphical design interface


Project Planning using SoftExpert Project Manager
Share Project Plans And Progress On The Web With Your Team using SoftExpert Project Manager
SoftExpert Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides full featured document management capabilities
SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management allows you to manage and monitor KPIs across your organization. Integrated with the workflow, maintenance, action and other modules, the input data for KPIs are automatically fed for timely reporting
The SoftExpert Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Suite is fully integrated with other modules


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