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Friday, 21 October 2016 23:45

Custom Reports In Qualoupe (Video)

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Qualoupe uses Crystal Reports® as the principal way to design and print reports. Installed systems are supplied with a selection of default Crystal Reports templates. This video shows how new reports are added to the system and how to launch reports from within Qualoupe.

Qualoupe LIMS users equipped with the secure web reporting module will be able to log into the application to access their LIMS data reports. The web reports are designed using Crystal Reports, which is the defacto standard for reports design, and is an affordable tool. Laboratories create large amounts of data related to the samples they are testing. Both internal departments and external organisations often need access to the data on a regular basis and web reporting is an ideal solution. Web reporting capabilities are especially attractive to contract laboratories that are testing samples from their clients. The clients of contract laboratories require all kinds of reports to help them analyse the data.


Friday, 14 October 2016 03:44

Qualoupe's Flexible Payment Options

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We believe that we should be flexible in our approach to all aspects of our relationship with our customers; one of the key areas is how to pay for the preferred solution.

We provide payment options to suit all sizes of companies that offer our clients the choice to select which option suits their situation.

Whichever payment option you select you will get our full technology solution, which is in line with our company philosophy that we want all companies to have access to our technical solutions irrespective of their size and their wealth.


Outright Purchase

This is the traditional option, where a company can purchase our solution for a fixed price and in return we grant a perpetual licence to use our software. The only ongoing cost is for annual support which is 15% of the licence cost.


Leased Purchase

This in principle is similar to outright purchase but instead of one payment an agreement is taken out with a leasing company where monthly payments are made over a three year term and at the end of the term a perpetual licence is granted to allow the company to continue using the software.  The annual support for the term is usually built into the lease cost and as such at the end of the term the ongoing cost will be for annual support.


Rental Solution

This solution is ideal for smaller companies or those that wish to eliminate the risk and commitment associated with the previous options.

Friday, 14 October 2016 03:40

Qualoupe's User Interface

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The users interact with a LIMS system via the user interface, it is their attitude to the design of the interface, essentially it’s  ‘ease of use’; plus the clarity and relevance of the information provided that determines their acceptance of the solution.

In designing Qualoupe the focus has been on providing an effective powerful tool for the laboratory and distancing the user from having to understand or see the underlying data structures, whilst delivering the information the user needs.

Getting users to embrace a business solution is one of the main factors that determines the success of the project. Qualoupe is designed to give the user a simple intuitive tool to drive adoption of the solution and deliver the benefits of a next generation Laboratory Information Management System.

What does the Qualoupe LIMS user interface deliver?

  • Web Based
  • Fully graphical interface.
  • User customisable.
  • A rich user information context.
  • Minimal mouse clicks.
  • On screen native querying.
  • Custom fields.
  • Un-cluttered screens using a Just Enough Information Model (JEIM)
  • Multilingual, throughout the application.
  • Third party application access from the user interface.
  • Micro formats, associated with fields can link to other systems or services.
  • The Self Learning Interface (SLI) monitors which data is commonly used by each user, to facilitate faster selection of records.
Friday, 14 October 2016 03:39

Qualoupe's Web-Based Reporting

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Access to current and historical data via user configurable reports can substantially shorten the decision making process, and bring real benefits to the business or its customers.

  • The Qualoupe reporting module provides powerful and intuitive report design via Crystal Reports and easy distribution and control of the reports through our web portal.
  • Web portal provides secure access to reports by both internal departments and customers.
  • A low cost  Qualoupe reporting licence substantially reduces cost of web based reporting when compared to third party solutions.
  • A portfolio of both laboratory and business wide reports are included with the system.
Friday, 14 October 2016 03:36

Qualoupe Benefits

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Designed by a dedicated team of LIMS professionals with extensive experience of the user and management requirements and consequently the failings of previous generations of LIMS products, Qualoupe is an affordable fully featured LIMS for all types of organisations both large and small.

  • A simple,Intuitive, customisable user interface –  We have done for LIMS what Apple has done for the smart phone.
  • Extensive functionality –  Addresses the needs of different industry sectors and laboratory types.
  • User configurable –  Offering fast access to frequently used functions for individual work flow profiles.
  • Multiple platforms supported –  Provides more choice.
  • Web based architecture –  Supports LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide Area Networks), and Web Implementations.
  • Adheres to regulatory standards.
  • Integration with third party products –  Gain efficiencies by integrating with other business solutions.
  • Instrument interfacing – Eliminates data transcription errors and increases sample throughput.
  • Easily installed and quick to “Go Live” –  Saves time and money.
  • Supported worldwide –  Support wherever you are!
Friday, 14 October 2016 03:33

Qualoupe's Comprehensive Reporting

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Comprehensive LIMS Reports

Reports are the valuable end result of all work carried out in a laboratory, with data used both internally and externally to monitor quality, workflow, KPIs, etc. …. Truly flexible reporting provided within the LIMS by Qualoupe from Two Fold Software Ltd enables data analysis which can highlight issues, maximise resources, inform management and drive growth.

User Customisable LIMS Query

An easy, intuitive print interface allows reports to be run within each application and the selection of data to populate each report is controlled by simple options; current record, selected records, and by query.

Certify LIMS Reports

A Certify option adds a unique report and version number to the printed report, and then saves a PDF of the report against the sample or batch: if the same report is run again the version number is incremented and a PDF created and saved, giving an audit trail of the run reports, which is extremely useful for such customer reports as COA’s (certificates of analysis).

Remotely Access LIMS Reports Via The Web

Increasingly laboratories wish to grant both internal departmental staff, and customers, the ability to run reports remotely through the web when needed, and without the cost of multiple LIMS licences.  Qualoupe’s Web Reporting Module utilises a secure login process to precisely enable this.  The reporting portal comes with ten concurrent user licences, allowing a significant number of customers to log in and out to run reports, thus greatly increasing the laboratory’s levels of service to its customers at a cost which, unlike many web reporting solutions, is affordable to all companies.

Increased LIMS Reporting Efficiency

The efficiencies created by Qualoupe’s reporting capabilities can significantly contribute to the cost justification of the overall Qualoupe LIMS.

“Since going live with Qualoupe we have benefited considerably from the reporting capabilities, our reports vary greatly in format dependent on the type of testing being carried out for each customer. Qualoupe was able to cater for this requirement straight from the box and as such has made significant time savings, 7 hours per week if not more.” – Steve Gardner, QTS Analytical Ltd.

Friday, 14 October 2016 03:29

What Qualoupe Can Do For You

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  • Sample registration and management
  • Batch creation
  • Methods & parameters
  • Materials & specifications
  • Result entry by Sample or Method
  • People, roles and groups management
  • Powerful integrated searching and filtering
  • Quotations and invoicing
  • Stability studies
  • Project manager
  • Document attachment and storage
  • Instrument integration and management
  • Consumables

and more …

Thursday, 29 September 2016 16:07


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STARLIMS® is a mature and proven Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with a unique multiple-tier web architecture that enables fast implementation, integration, track record, flexible and future-proof.

Information is your lab’s most valuable asset. Achieve enhanced efficiency and effectiveness with a powerful Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that guarantees data integrity and drives innovation and growth for lab excellence.

Powered by the latest technologies, STARLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that provides real-time access to your data anywhere and anytime, through the web or smartphones.  As your industry evolves, your lab is tasked with managing larger volumes of data and stricter regulations, as well as experiencing increased pressures for higher quality and greater efficiencies. Turn to a dependable technology partner who will not only help you overcome these challenges, but will also harness your data’s potential by turning it into actionable information for your organization and your clients.

STARLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is incorporated with configurable tools to help your lab to manage complex testing and test workflows, and facilitate automated processes and calculations, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

A Comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Why use a separate system to manage documentation, quality processes, equipment and inventory? Let the STARLIMS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) comprehensive solution harmonise all aspects of your operation. As a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), StarLIMS is seamlessly integrated with its Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) which functions as a central repository for all of your lab’s valuable document and data files, making it easy for users to access and share information across the organization. Subject to security rules that you determine, the Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) allows your teams to access document information from a web browser from virtually anywhere in the world. Search by keyword, metadata, and free text to find any record or result.

Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

The Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) takes you beyond document management and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, providing record creation, audit trails, electronic signatures, data security and data storage in the original format. Being highly configurable, you can modify the Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) to comply with your own data retention, archiving, and approval process rules. Not only that you can manage a variety of documents with the Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), organize standard operation procedures (SOPs) and certificates of analysis but you can also conveniently pull in unstructured data from HPLCs, GCs and other instruments. The Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) incorporates a cutting-edge data parsing and recognition technology that transform a wide variety of unstructured documents or files into searchable structured information. Keywords, values, graphs and data tables may be pulled from all files to enable easy search later. The Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) also incorporates a Grabber technology that monitors designated locations and automatically picks up and processes new files. File approval workflows can automatically be kicked off and scientific data can be routed to the appropriate location based on file type.

StarLIMS Benefits

  • Unifies the management of your laboratories across multiple disciplines and geographical locations on a single platform simplifying data access and allowing your team to manage operations with a single unified vision

  • Reduces data processing and workflow complexity, reducing the cost of laboratory data management and making data accessible seamlessly and faster

  • Faster and easier adaptation to your laboratory needs means you can quickly introduce improvements and enhancements to your laboratory processes in response to market demands.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 15:57


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Qualoupe is the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) by TwoFold Software Ltd. An affordable fully featured LIMS for all types of organisations both large and small. Qualoupe was built from the ground up to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. With over 30 separate applications to handle everything from batches and samples through to invoicing and quotations, Qualoupe is ideal for the smallest contract lab right up to a QA lab in a large manufacturing organisation.

The Qualoupe Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has raised the bar for LIMS usability, accessibility, flexibility and overall ROI.  This intuitive, browser-based system will increase your  organization’s operational efficiency by managing samples, data, QA / QC processes, specification monitoring and manufacturing workflows in almost any type of small, medium or large laboratory or scientific manufacturing facility. 

Qualoupe is powerful, with an impressive feature set and robust architecture. It consists of over 30 applications driven by a cutting edge, highly graphic user-interface specifically designed for intuitive simplicity and clarity in the presentation of information needed by every member of your operation.  It was created to be easy-to-install, fully scalable, quick to “go live”, and highly customizable so that companies will be able to smoothly transition to the increased productivity that a LIMS can provide. Experienced users who have previously struggled with more expensive solutions from other manufacturers report that Qualoupe is easier to use and more effective, but it costs just a fraction of other systems they have worked with.


Increased Productivity, Improved Efficiency With Qualoupe LIMS

The benefits of Qualoupe LIMS are many.  It simplifies the task of tracking all input supplies, samples, reagents and output materials while automating every process step from preparation of customer quotes to invoicing for the completed and delivered products.  The entire workflow is streamlined, leading not only to increased productivity but enhanced quality assurance and improved feedback on costs for efficiency-minded managers.


Qualoupe LIMS Delivers Better Accuracy

Because Qualoupe is capable of integrating data directly from laboratory test equipment, it can also help raise the standard of accuracy and integrity of results generated. The ability to define roles and permissions for each member of the company assures greater security of the data gathered.  Full audit trails are included, along with features to assist in compliance with UKAS, FDA, MRC,  ISO 17025 and 21 CFR Part 11.


A Flexible LIMS

Qualoupe users can configure the software to easily locate the most commonly needed applications for individual workflows.  The package is operational on multiple platforms and integrates with multiple third-party business management products, such as ERP or MRP solutions.  By employing a web based architecture — including support for LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide Area Networks), and web implementations — Qualoupe is readily accessible where you want it to be.  It even allows customers to log in remotely to view order data or run reports, improving customer satisfaction. The specifications for each product or raw material are unlimited.


Qualoupe LIMS - Business-focused

Unique among LIMS packages, Qualoupe incorporates applications aimed specifically at the business side of operations, rather than being limited solely to laboratory functions.  You can generate customized reports that target precisely the information you need to know to fine-tune and to grow your company.  It can handle flexible pricing structures as well as aid in management and control of unique customer specifications. By building efficiency, employees are freed to work on additional tasks without having to hire additional human resources, thereby building potential business capacity.


With specialized features targeted for businesses from contract laboratories to manufacturing enterprises, Qualoupe is an information management system with numerous possibilities to benefit your business.  Lab-Ally will arrange a demonstration of the features that are specifically suited to your needs.


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