OmniLab Laboratory Information System (LIS)


OMNI-Lab remains one of the longest existing Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) on the market. Created nearly three decades ago in 1983 under the Barrett Labs/3 Net Systems (California, USA) banner, it was then known as Cortex. 

Making its debut with Omnitech Labs in 1994, it was re-engineered using the Windows-based technology, and renamed Cortex T.N.G. (The Next Generation). In those early days, Omnitech Labs was a pioneer and a Microsoft beta site for Windows NT. 

Omnitechs Labs products have expanded along with the continuing evolution of Microsoft Windows technology, allowing our solutions to provide clients with the ease of functionality and user friendly tools that Windows is known for. These progressive developments and enhancements have allowed Omnitech Labs to grow solutions with unequaled functionality and flexibility. 

Omnitechs Labs products are designed and developed using a collaboration of experts in the health care industry. Together at our beta site in Haut-Richelieu Hospital, a 300+ bed facility in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Quebec, we are able to stay ahead of the curve with today’s advancing health care industry. This partnership gives us an advantage in continually improving our products and services. 

Omnitech Lab's experienced team remains dedicated to developing and supporting our systems and client base. Omnitech Labs have devoted nearly three decades working and achieved our objective in attaining depth, functionality, ergonomy and stability for systems Omnitech Labs can proudly offer laboratories worldwide. Omnitech Labs complements its line of products by offering a data center hosting service. Clients can also take advantage of Web-based technology with our Web-based suite.

OMNI-Lab has been improving the productivity of laboratory managers and medical technologists since 1984. Whether your laboratory is hospital based, clinic based, associated to a physician group practice, or specialized reference lab, including clinical research, veterinary or a laboratory in the food & beverage industry, we have the software to make your work life stress free.