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Proven LIMS, LIS and Quality Management Systems Distributor and Implementor In Malaysia

Established in 2005, Mediksoft Saintifik Sdn Bhd has been supporting organisations like yours in sustaining their market leadership by enhancing their process efficiency and effectiveness. Mediksoft Saintifik Sdn Bhd has built a successful track record in distributing and implementing laboratory information systems (LIS), laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and quality management systems (QMS) in Malaysia.

Mediksoft's successful delivery experience span a wide variety of industries including laboratory and clinical, environmental, healthcare, and public health management. Over the years, our belief that advances in the digital world will revolutionise laboratory operations has proven true in the marketplace. As end-client demands rise in scope and complexity, we look forward to contribute to the digitalization and automation of Malaysian laboratories, enabling them to deliver more sophisticated and reliable services and products.

Being focused on the scientific testing market, we appreciate customers' needs and complex lab management issues. Our accumulated technical know-how in delivering digital solutions in laboratories is our unique value proposition to our customers.

Our solutions have been proven in the following industries



Our modern healthcare solutions take menial record keeping tasks away from doctors, practitioners, nurses and caregivers which allow them to concentrate on the important tasks of attending to their patients' recovery.

Our cutting-edge speech dictation system features revolutionary voice recognition combined with the latest medical dictionary that integrates and works with third party medical software to deliver unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare services.

Our LIS and LIMS solutions have been used in clinical and public health laboratories to support reliable laboratory operations throughout Malaysia, backed by a track record of committed services.


We have implemented laboratory information systems (LIS) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) for a wide range of laboratory clients in the pharmaceutical, forensic, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Realizing that there is no one size fits all in the selection of solutions, we adopt the Best-Of-Breed approach in selecting suitable solutions according to our client needs and offer a variety of solutions to suit their sizes and budgets.

Our solutions offer flexible configuration options suitable to manage various degrees of complexities in our clients' operations and incorporates 21 CFR Part 11 Scientific Data Management System (SDMS).


Environmental laboratories are using our LIMS and LIS solutions to monitor water quality throughout Malaysia to ensure that water remains safe to be consumed by the population and to support the environment.

Every single day, our systems vigilantly handle thousands of water samples. The flexible data analysis, Business Intelligence, reporting and alerting features of our solutions help the authorities to keep on top of the voluminous data.

With increasing public awareness over air pollution, our LIMS are also supporting environmental laboratories to monitor the quality of the air that we breathe in Malaysia supported by ultra-secured cloud-based information integration.
Quality Management

Quality Management

Successful implementation of Quality Management Systems require a combination of subject matter expertise, people skills and information technology know-how.

We have successfully implemented systems that help our clients manage their operations, research & development, projects, health and safety, audit & compliance, training and competency issues.

Our LIMS, LIS and QMS enable our clients to adhere to their ISO 14000, ISO 9001, ISO 15189, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, ISO 27000, ISO 18000, ISO 22000 standards across a variety of industries.

In particular, our QMS incorporates superior document scanning, character recognition and data capture capabilities.

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